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We have used their services for a few years and could not ask for a better partner. Scott is a joy and fun to work with, he really tries to accommodate in times that are just a challenge, and has never disappointed us. Thanks again.” – Sunbelt Service LLC

“I’ve been getting amazing service from Jason and Scott for the past two seasons. They always go out of their way to help me and fit something in , even if it’s extremely last minute. They’ve always been very polite and helpful and I’m so appreciative of their service and in helping our company build our jobs in the most efficient way through their speed and thoroughness.” – Chelsea A.

We have been working on this demo for months with Nitti. Specifically, Dana at Nitti. Dana has been outstanding to work with. He has helped us navigate the various state, county and local agencies needed to get permits and inspections. He has been very patient answering our mundane and sometimes repetitive questions. This is a daily experience for them, but a once in a lifetime experience for most of the rest of us and Dana understands that. Our demo is finishing up. The entire crew form the heavy equip operators to the truck drivers, etc, have been excellent to work with as well. They know their stuff! Could not have asked for a better experience from them.” – Jim H.



Nitti Companies provides comprehensive hauling, demolition, waste removal, and excavation services. We are based in Blaine, MN, and serve clients across the greater Twin Cities metro area. We are proud to foster a reputation for safe on-site practices, competitive rates, and quality results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is considered Construction/Demolition?

Any material used to build a home such as carpet, lumber, or drywall.

Can I mix household waste in with construction material?

Mixing trash with construction will result in the entire load being dumped as trash. The load is now subject to
higher tipping fees and additional taxes.

Can I put brush or compost in the dumpster?

NO! There are no facilities that will accept a mixed load of brush and trash/construction materials.

Will the dumpster damage my driveway?

The driver will place wood underneath the rollers and across the front of the dumpster. This helps distribute the weight.

How much room is needed to set down a dumpster?

A minimum of 60ft. Trucks also need a height clearance of 13ft and a width of 10ft. This includes wires, branches, etc.



Our team works with commercial and residential clients and provides customized solutions on every job site. To learn more about our services, our company, and how we can make your project a success, please fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 763-755-0303.

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